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Next Meeting Date will be posted when the date is set.
Important message from Joe Banister.
Flyer created by Clare in support of the Banister recommendation!

Clear The Bench AZ - Final 2014 - Judge Retention List
Richard Cornforth Seminar! - Follow Link for information!
Important video to watch!
Who's Running America"
Know Your Rights
Dave Champion Show Archives
Innocence Revealed
Of Interest: RAM-v-IRS
Josie the Outlaw - SITE WAS SUSPENDED!
Arizona Breakfast Club VIDEOS
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These are very important...
Please download and listen!
Of course... This is my opinion!

For your study and research:
ESF and its History.pdf
Concentration Camps.pdf
Nuclear Survival.pdf
Thorough Commentary on the DINAR
READ this document: Master Class Dictatorship

Look under Special Items for some current radio programs to listen to!

Public Servant Questionaire
People's Awareness Coalition
Patriot MisBeliefs

Perjury for Profit - new website of interest!

The Freedom Summit was very good!

Fire Burn Doctor - Important Website - follow the instructions!

Bring memory sticks for copies - you may want copies of some items!

Lindsey Williams Explains The Oil and Deadly Gas Apocalypse

Call me... 623-451-5588

The Silver Bear Cafe

Redflex Manual for Arizona
Arizona Breakfast Club (website)
Richard Cornforth and the Helm Society School
Show Me The Loan - QWR Flyer
J.C. Chisum - Section Noel Myrick - Section POA-Recorded   Shannon Connely - Section
Election Fraud
Monday - 2/4/08
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