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An Address to all the owners,
paying property taxes,
to the Scottsdale Unified School District

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Ask not what you can do for your Country: But, ask what are the malevolent School Board, Bozo Thugs doing to you. Here we go again, another royal screw job, spelled with a large capital "F." I find it easier coping with an annual medical rectal exam than being screwed over by these Comrades.

The SUSD meeting Agendas purport: Values, their Mission Statement, and aligning their projects to District Goals. But damn it: No consequences (costs) are ever mentioned about the burden to the taxpayers with their property tax bills; a very interesting omission. On Tuesday evening, on the 7th of June, 2016, during the public input session, the undersigned was severely restricted, opposing the quarter-billion dollar bond issue, to only 3 minutes at the regular Meeting of the Governing Board of the Scottsdale Unified School District at Coronado High School. Their defacto answer to my freedom of speech: "Shut up and get lost!!!"

*There are two major Agenda items, presumptively being rubber stamped at their regular school board meeting. These two proposals are: (1) A Resolution ordering and calling a special bond election on November 8th, 2016 totaling $240 million, and (2) another Resolution ordering a calling of a special district additional assistance override totaling $8.5 million dollars. Do you know, in fact, the school board, as a defacto legislative dictatorship, acts similarly to a Grand jury, which the prosecutor, in advance, types up the Indictment, and their Lackeys, supposedly acting as independent Grand Jurors, always rubber stamp any Indictment? Has anyone ever heard about any citizen successfully making their Presentment to the Grand Jury? Hell NO-the prosecutor refuses to allow this to ever happen. *The SUSD governing school board is a defacto/dejure legislative dictatorship; there are no constitutional checks or balances, and this scheme is comprised of a unilateral group of dictators. Do the people know how an independent constitutional government of legislative, administrative, and judicial powers should function?

*The "Mickey Mouse" political platitudes we always hear from the Bozos of the School Board, "But we are doing this for the children." This is pure vaporized compost. Give US a break!!! Damn it, but at whose expense?

*The Scottsdale Unified School district admits to substantial under enrollment, and many of its schools are at or significantly below capacity-and now these Comrades want millions for building projects? What a waste!!!

*I am a long-time inhabitant, over 50 years in this community. Every two years the tax slaves are conned into allowing these bond issues and/or for overrides to pass--- adding onto to their bloated budget. The Taxpayers are consumed with extreme apathy!!! Year after year, all of these money questions put to the voters (tax slaves) are passed without any question or scrutiny.

*Going back to the 1960's: I remember, back in the days of large scale construction building projects with Arcadia, Coronado, and Scottsdale (now closed) High Schools, and other elementary schools in the late 1950's and early 1960's. Most of the present school board members were never alive at that time. Today, they all act like a group of immature juveniles in conspiracy doing what they are told to do by "the establishment"---the big money and construction interests. But I recall the tens of millions of dollars previously spent on those buildings back in the late 50s and 60s. Recent History: A few years ago the original high school and elementary school buildings had to be torn down and replaced. What is this? A few years ago over two-hundred million dollars, was "approved" by the voters, for replacing broken down buildings-deliberately built to decay. This perennial con game is financed by placing encumbrances on every piece of non-exempt property in this school district. * Now look "outside the box": It is a fact that in the upper mid-West and Eastern states, that most commercial buildings last over one hundred to one-hundred fifty years. But in Arizona, there is no accountability whatsoever holding any contractors responsible for their piss poor sloppy construction-school buildings that are planned to deteriorate. *Planned obsolesce: Buildings less than 40 years old, bulldozed, and here we go again, into perpetual peonage.

Indebtedness: As the late Tennessee Ernie Ford sang some 60 years ago, "Sixteen tons and what do we get? Another day older and deeper in debt." During these past 50 plus years all that we have heard from these Bozos is "crying wolf," and lusting for our hard earned money. This is pure greed with all this perpetual craving for YOUR money. *Their public relations platitude always says, our children's whole world would come to an end, without more and more money for construction. "But we are doing this for the children." Hogwash!!!

*Property Taxpayers, ask this: How is dumping more of OUR money into schools personally help US with paying for food, gasoline, utilities, telephone, rent, clothing, insurance, medicine, car expenses, etc? WE have to live on a strict budget. Damn it: How about the Scottsdale School District? When will this bi-annual perverted bond issue and over-ride con games stop? Answer: This perversion will stop when, "we the people," who are forced to pay for this perversion, say, hell, NO, enough is enough!!!

*Incidentally, I am a founding Alumni and graduate at the former Phoenix College/Glendale Community original Campus at 16th Street and Camelback located at the former Jewish Community Center in the mid-1960's. The original campus had old dilapidated run down, and temporary buildings for classrooms, with a dusty and grass covered, frequently muddy parking lot, a swimming pool condemned regularly by the Maricopa County Health Department as unsanitary, and one restroom for 250 students, which the male students had to stand in long lines, to use the toilet. But I heard no complaints, and we got a reasonably good education.

*The Proof? Repeatedly, as the late Arizona Speaker of the House, Jim Skelly said: There is absolutely no correlation that more money dumped in construction projects or with procurement, is ever related to a better quality of education.

*Also, for a year, I was a substitute Teacher at the former Judson Campus in Paradise Valley. Their entire campus structure was very old (pre Civil War Western era), run down, sloppily maintained, and Judson catered only with the rich clientele from all over the country, and around the world. Even the horses were old, needed baths and combing, and some of the horses should have been euthanized. But, I never heard one single complaint from any these students or their wealthy families while I taught, at Judson. Anecdotally, how rich were these kids? I remember one instance of a freshman student in Social Studies class freely playing with a fat roll of $100 bills, which he carried around on his person, easily totaling $25,000.

*Also, I attended graduate school in the early 2000's, fully accredited through a regional Group of Bishops, and I inexpensively received a post graduate Diploma in Scripture Studies. During the 42 months of part-time study, I only paid $25 per calendar quarter. Their non-profit institution always had positive cash flow, and was in the black. No bond issues or overrides here!!! Now with computerization, at high schools, colleges, and graduate schools coming on-line, the cost of my alma mater was reduced to only $10 per month. And they are earning lots of money and growing all the time with thousands of enrollees in California and Arizona. Why can't the Bozos at Scottsdale Unified do the same?

*Teske Law: Always a better product or service, at less and less cost, for immediate enjoyment or consumption. The Teske law is rarely practiced by the establishment, corporate America, politicians, and political enterprise economy.

*Buildings for Contractors: Ask this question. Who are always the financial beneficiaries of this school bond and override racket? Follow the money, stupid. The truth: The Statists, Banksters, Bond Underwriters, Big Investors, Unions, "the Establishment," their henchmen, Contractors---and what about the rest of US? Again our pockets are picked. Another big money grab!!!

*As the late Howard Beal said in the famous 1976 movie, "Network," "I am mad as Hell!!!" I have every legitimate reason to be extremely angry at this graft and corruption. Also, it is past due to express thanks and appreciation, dedicating a moment of silence, to all the property taxpayers who are forced, against their will, to support this thievery and organized financial scheme of this Unified School District.

*A challenge and a warning: It is high time to rigorously examine, scrutinize, and doing a thorough forensic Audit of the SUSD, concurrently with all their board members and especially the contractors who have profited, over the years, with their conspiracy of organized unjust enrichment.

*It is well known that temptation and corruption is always inherent with millions of dollars that is ripe for plucking, with the awarding of very lucrative construction, and procurement awards.

*Take this seriously: If any of you have any information or have evidence of any financial wrong doing, please contact me:

Without prejudice submitted by,


Post Office Box 1211

Scottsdale, Arizona 85252-1211



P. S. Lets investigate!!! You may freely give your name, or remain anonymous.

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